Groups Attending this year

Group NameGroup Description
King & Empire on Imperial ServiceWW1
Die Soldaten20th Century
Panzer LehrWorld War 2 Axis troops
Battle Group Bandits 19th century-20th century
Das Reich/FRAU20th
9th SS Panzer Division1944
Spearfish Creek19th
Screaming Eagles1944
Die Leeu die Transvaal19th century, Second Boar War
Tempus Experientia
MediterraneoWorld War 2 Italian Troops
Second Battle Group
Yalding Daimler Ferret and M.V. Owners Group20th-21st century Military Vehicles
Ship to Shore WW2
Les Parachutistes
Southern Skirmish Association
Home of the Brave
Desert Rats
Sweating Out the Mission
AIPS part of RVNVietnam conflict American forces
39-45 LHS. (89 FSS-9 Fd.Coy 1)
43rd. Reconnaissance Regiment
The Victorian Association19th century British Forces
Grup d'Estudis de Muntanya AntigaSpanish Republican Army
Heia Safari
Kampfgruppe Stahlkrieger (KSK)
Inferna Peditum
The Harvey BuffsWW2 British unit
Ulf Ragnarson Hird9th -11th century Vikings
Yesterday on ParadeNapoleonic Period
The Fighting FrenchWorld War 2 French forces
PPA 1st Demolition Sqd.WW2 British Army Supply Group
NATO Forces LHGNATO Forces 1945-present day
Weald Area I.M.P.S inc. Harris M.V Group WW2 and post war Military Vehicles
29th Infantry A Coy. Hell and BackWW 2 American Infantry Division
367 CMP LHGArmy MP's
10th EssexWW1 British LHG
Men of ArnhemWW2 allied parachute Rgmt
Firebase Ladybird VietnamAmerican Vietnam Conflict
3rd/4th County of London YeomanryWW2 allied
Ranger loungeVietnam conflict unit
London Living History GroupMid 20th Century Cold War Forces
4th marine divisionWorld War 2 American troops
Bonivant household15th Century
Liberation 44World War 2 American Troops
KG '44.
The American Infantry Association
Royal Navy Beachhead Commando Reenactors
American Forces Vietnam
The Grey Funnel Line
The frontline soldier society /FR73
Army Catering Corp
Alpha1Zero SAS GW LHG
2nd Armored HQ
The Hoplite Assoc.5th century Greek LHG
The Cam-o-Lot Remembrance Wall
2nd Queens (Royal) Regiment of Foot
Ham and Jam Living History
1940s world
Angels One-Five
Garrison Artillery Volunteers
Kensei Ryu
514th red ball express lhg
DZI Re-enactment group
Shack Rats.
Archu Wardogs
Spearhead lhg
East Meets West Reenactment
Combat Engineers of the Second World War
Assegai Rhodesia
28th Jager Light Infantry Division
In-Country Association
173rd LRRP (Vietnam)
WW1 Trench Experience
Phoenix warlords
Rolling Thunder
Japanese Reenactment Association
42nd Royal Highland Regiment (1815)
1st Assault Brigade Workshop REME
Odinn Born
Hampshire Regiment
Modern Desert Warfare
246th PsyOps
Regia Anglorum
Der Stab
Yanks & Limeys
1914-21 Society
Krasniy Konserv Reenactment Group
King's German Artillery
360 History
Miklagard Ulflag
23rd Sussex Home Guard
Eyes On The Skies
3rd East Kent Regiment
emily winters
Ashford sea & Royal marine cadets
EKHO East Kent Historical House of Savage
29th Infantry A Coy. Hell and Back
Buffs 1939-1945
43rd Reconnaisance Regiment LHG
11 Group RAF Renactment Group
To Chau Det A403 Mike Force Special Forces Vietnam